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How do u handle an abusive client?

4 Answers

I will apply the procedure LAST. L- LISTEN the client carefully, to understand wt his/her problem is? A- APOLOGIES ,then i apologies him for the difficulties which he had faced with our services S- SATISFACTION, then i will make him/her satisfy by providing the solution of the problem T- THANKS, at the end will say thanks to client for giving me a chance to serve himself

simple process said in long or operational way... but nice one... but what to say still depends on client...

Hi, can you please post all of your interview questions??? Thanks...

what would you do if someone in your team is not willing to work because he is just bored??

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What do you know about PLM??

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How will you manage Senior professors in Training? What will be your answer for ideas like we are already teaching for more than 15-20 years, why should I sit in your class?

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Compare arraylist contents and get the duplicate

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About Map and differences

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Tricky Puzzles

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The format of interviews and the questions asked vary from role to role. Mine included those assessing my personality, skills, etc., situational/scenario-based questions, questions on my profile and work experience, and so on.

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In case of a salary hike from a competitor (hirer) would you consider breaking the contract?

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Questions which were googled before the interview .

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