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More than asking questions each interviewer reminded me of how small the company was (compared to my present organisation), and how tough it would be for me to adjust with enStage. This seems to be a bit unprofessional as my work experience etc. were clearly written down on my resume which was shared earlier.

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I did try to convince that I know they were a smaller company, with lesser processes etc. And that my experience in a more process oriented company may benefit them.

Business Case

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The very last question was, "if you could be the product manager for any product in Google which would it be?"

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Design a warehouse storage space for a category of products.

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More like unexpected ploy: How do you build customer intimacy and then saying this is not the answer for all possible answers from experience and michael porter.

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All the interview questions were focused on the product marketing use cases. What would be your marketing strategy in those specific situations?

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Where do you see your self in 5 years from now.

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Why you want to change?

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Not difficult but a little unexpected. it was something around "A man is in a rowing boat floating on a lake, in the boat he has a brick. He throws the brick over the side of the boat so as it lands in the water. The brick sinks quickly. The question is, as a result of this does the water level in the lake go up or down?"

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no difficult question as such

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