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Solutions Architect Interview Questions in Bangalore


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The task to create architecture documentation for couple of specific scenarios was novel and different from other interviews. It helped showcase/highlight the documentation skills of an architect which is fairly important in an enterprise scenario.

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It took some time (~5-6 hours per topic) but it was a worthwhile effort.

Questions relating to DNS

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They will test your confidence levels, communication skills and spontaneity in the presentation round.

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Was the database easy to use and maintain?

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Analytical questions in logical round

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An business case given to know how to implement a solution in java, given a millions of record to be processed through complex logic and send to an external system.

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Why AT&T

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How comfortable I was with stretched timings.

The interviewer did not ask any technical questions, he asked only my job responsibilities in my current company and then he said he will get back, but later I came to know that they are looking for someone who has experience in devops. Request to HR and Interviewer: Please check the resume thoroughly before you schedule interview instead of wasting candidates time and money, and don't think that we are simply sitting. bec of this interview I wasted one day leave and appx 500 for travel expenses.

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