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J D Wetherspoon
Kitchen Staff, Bar Staff was asked...7 June 2017

Why do you want to work for Wetherspoons?

3 Answers

Getting job in this company will also help me to improve my skills and boost up my confidence. Less

Getting an opportunity to learn in this company will also help me to improve my skills, handling all type of situation even in worst condition and also boost up my confidence level as I will get a chance to be in between well experienced members of this company. Less

The obvious answer is because it is one of the oldest running pubs and hotel s in the UK and has become a brand tag as well. I know that I will have a lot to learn here with the other great members of this family. Becoming a member of this company will also built up my future. Less

J D Wetherspoon

What would you do to make Wetherspoons better?

3 Answers

Work hard

Great customer service

They mean more structurally specific answers, I suggested having rights to screen football matches to attract more customers from competitors. Less

J D Wetherspoon

Why Wetherspoons? What makes good teamwork? Which pubs have you been to (Wetherspoons)?

2 Answers

2 in Liverpool town centre and in St Helens town and in Warrington town and Earls town . Good teamwork promotes Staff working well together . Happy environment . This is very important to ensure customers are with response when being seen to . Less

This is very important to ensure customers are happy with the response from staff when .Customers l Place an order or ask for information. Of any kind . Staff working well together . Prompts good atmosphere and will please customers . Plus work load runs better with good team work . Less

J D Wetherspoon

Who is Tim Martin?

2 Answers

CEO of the company

Chairman/Founder John Hutson is the CEO

Off to Work

What should you do if you drop something?

2 Answers

Quickly pick it up

Kick it under a table

Indeed Flex
Bar Staff was asked...3 November 2021

Can you carry three plates at once

2 Answers



J D Wetherspoon

What is your best quality?

2 Answers

I believe in my self and do not get nervous and try to sort out the problem if occurs in any case. Less

I always keep a smile on my face and take all the circumstances positively.

J D Wetherspoon
Bar Staff was asked...15 February 2018

if somebody complained with cold chips what would you do

2 Answers

Offer them new chips

Apologise and replace with fresh, hot chips....

Bar Staff was asked...11 September 2015

Why do you want to work at this pub?

2 Answers

Talked about how I'd been in there several times and had always really enjoyed the atmosphere and service and wanted to be part of such a cohesive team in that sort of atmosphere. Less

i love the music and i like to make the people happy with my music

J D Wetherspoon

Where do you see yourself in the company in a year?

2 Answers

Employee of the yeae

Am the best person for the preferred role

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