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sell the ac in jammu

3 Answers

they will check your selling skills

They don't have to buy a machine man made ac rather they have the ac with their natural environment

It's easy to sell a ac in jammu as temperature there goes upto 47℃ in jammu during summers

what are your hobbies and what motivates you the most.

3 Answers

Sell me a pen

2 Answers

Why sales?

2 Answers

tell us about your self, why do you choose byjus,can you sell a bottle to them if they give you a chance to sell the bottle

2 Answers

introduce yourself? try to sell me a byjus app?

2 Answers

where do you see yourself in next five years,sell this pen..

2 Answers

Why do you want to work in sales?

2 Answers

sell them a product

2 Answers

Why this job?

1 Answer
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