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Write a program to print the series 4,6,12,18,30,42,60,72

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import java.util.Scanner; public class NumSer2 { public static void main(String args[]) { System.out.println("Enter limit:"); Scanner inp=new Scanner(; int n=inp.nextInt(); int count; for(int i=3;i!=n;i++) { count=0; for(int j=2;j<=(i-1)/2;j++) { if((i-1)%j==0) { count++; break; } } for(int j=2;j<=(i+1)/2;j++) { if((i+1)%j==0) { count++; break; } } if(count==0) { System.out.println(i); } } } }

I didn't understand the logic bro

#include using namespace std; int isprimenumber(int num) { bool Isprime=true; for(int i=2;i>n; for(i=2;i

1.Given two words find if they contains the same letters , if one letters occurs multiple times in word then second word also should have the number same number of times. eg: little and title are different, das and sad are equals. 2. Rearrange all the letter of a word in ascending order while removing the duplicate letters. eg:- letter should be printed elrt.

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useless questions, not even 1 technical question for a technical role. 1st time in my carrier i have seen an Interview without even 1 technical question shot out & i'm wondering how i got rejected if there is not even one technical discussion happened . It's a time pass show. I hold another offer with another leading aerospace organization before diving in for boeing interview for the same developer position which means the skills sets remains same. Please think 100 times before applying for boeing position. It's a waste of 1 months Plus to know the status of the selection.I feel bad to be part of this Muppets show.

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push pop without collection

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Input is a string like "AAAAABBCCAA" and it should print "5A2B2C2A". 5 being the continuous number of occurance for character 'A'. Same is with other characters also.

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Inheritance related. given two classes, A has public static void main() method. B extends A which is an empty class. what happens when we run B class

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Write a program to get an int value as argument and return it as string. For example, if I give the number 3456 as int, it should return the same number 3456 but as an object of String. You cannot use Java API methods.

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Is multiple inheritance supported in Java?

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Simple java

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int a=11&9; int y=3^a; System.out.println(y|12);

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