Recruitment consultant Interview Questions in Bengaluru |

Recruitment consultant Interview Questions in Bengaluru


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How would you figure out a candidate in fake?

4 Answers

By their duplicate documents about education, work experience

Duplicate certificate of fake company's

Duplicate degree Certificates

Explain the Recruitment Process

3 Answers

Why recruitment ?

2 Answers

about the family background about my stability

2 Answers

convince the horse to drink water?!!

2 Answers

Brief introduction.

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interview question are not standard, ,being a HR we should no what to ask and what not to ask , to the experience and the freshers .Having experience more than 4 yrs in recruitment , we should not ask how to source profile from Portal , these are the basic things , I thing all hr knows who work in recruitment , I meet Anjana just experiance of 1 yrs , even she ask me all basic and also ask me how you will convince an operation Manager whose last drawn salary is 8 L to join Swiggy @ 5 L condition(day shift, same role,hike after 1 yrs no bonus etc ) Just simple i ask her will u join if i give you the same option ?????

2 Answers

About recruitment

1 Answer

Explain the Recruitment process being followed by you till date. What all sourcing platforms do you prefer?

1 Answer

Tell about your self

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