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A business intelligence engineer, or BI engineer for short, will probably receive several questions about their ability to use scripting languages, processors and programs used by the prospective employer's company. Though some questions about human relations may come up, the BI Engineer interview may be more involved with your experience level in data analysis.

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Top BI Engineer Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top BI engineer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Describe a previous project you are proud to have worked on?

How to answer: Going into the interview, you will want to be prepared to talk about a past project you can describe in depth. Whether it is because of the people you worked with or your contribution to making it successful, showing that you have a passion for your work is key. Make sure you highlight the skills you used for the project.

Question No. 2: Which languages/programs/software are you comfortable using now?

How to answer: BI engineering is all about using tools to analyse data. You may be asked an interview question about the tools you are comfortable using. Make sure you can confidently speak about the languages, programs and software you claim proficiency in.

Question No. 3: How would you...?

How to answer: It is very likely that your interview for a BI engineer position will contain a puzzle or problem that you must solve. Whether it is how to handle a SQL issue or calculating performance in Tableau, you should be ready to answer it. Generally, in-depth knowledge of the tools required by the job posting will help you successfully navigate these questions.

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BI Developer was asked...21 March 2023

Left outer join with where clause differentiations Qualify statements Lead- Lag logic (like using inbound proceeding etc.) UNIX/LINUX - basic commands Scenario based questions


Technical questions such as solving the test cases given to you on the spot


Questions based around PowerBI and my experience

RS Components

Tested on different aspects of power bi


Take home test analyzing/wrangling data and presenting it in a Tableau dashboard. SQL questions during interviews including window functions and aggregations.

Delta Faucet Company

First round basic questions to see if you fit the profile and general HR questions. Second round with the hiring manager was more specific to the job responsibilities and about your background and experience in Data visualization and Power BI with very simple visualization scenarios and how you would handle it. Got qualified for the Panel interview but didn’t attend because I accepted another offer in the meantime.


Elements of Power BI and use of each Power Query related Questions Power BI Pro and Premium capabilities Scenario based questions for transforming data


Basic SQL questions and concepts.


How YTD will be calculated? Steps for the swapping sheet in dashboard?


time period related

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