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Fidelity Investments
Big Data Engineer, New Hampshire was asked...18 March 2013

Design patterns questions

10 Answers

It was on 03-14.Within 2 days they scheduled for onsite interview.By the way what all design pattern questions they asked you in first round?I was asked only Observer Pattern and Singleton Pattern Less

Ya the same thing.....I already listed right...I had a difficulty in answering Observer pattern so listed here so that others can prepare well :) On site they will ask to write small code I guess but not so complicated. I heard that fidelity interview is not that tough as tech companies. So prepare well, answer confidently. All the best for the interview. Less

Did you guys gave the on-site interview? How was the experience?

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Bloomberg L.P.

Remove duplicate consecutive spaces from a given string, in-place. For example: "Have a nice day" should become "Have a nice day". Removal of leading and trailing spaces was not specifically mentioned.

3 Answers

foo - Using a recursive function foo2 - Using an iterative process def foo(s): if len(s) = 2: if s[i] == s[i+1] == " ": s = s[:i] + s[i+1:] else: i += 1 return s Less

The iterative process: def foo2(s): if len(s) = 2: if s[i] == s[i+1] == " ": s = s[:i] + s[i+1:] else: i += 1 return s Less

Recursive solution: def foo(s): if len(s) < 2: return s if s[0] == s[1] == " ": return foo(s[1:]) return s[0] + foo(s[1:]) Less


Big Data questions(data warehousing concepts) and a java program on LinkedList

3 Answers

Well, I concentrated a lot on JAVA coding questions but did not brush up my big data knowledge. People interviewing for this position, I would like to say please keep yourself updated on the new Big Data technologies as it is a Big Data Engineer role. All the best :) Less

In how much time they let you know thier decision?

I interviewed on Friday and got a reply on Monday, so in 2-3 days.

Legato Health Technologies

how much have experinece in spark?

2 Answers

I have no experience



Advantages of java over c

2 Answers

What coding question they asked out of 5 question??

write a query to find the second maximum.


Difference between delete and truncate in SQL?

2 Answers

Delete is a DML command so it can be rolled back where as truncate is a DDL command which cannot be rolled back. Less

What programming questions they asked in 2nd round ??

Enhance IT

No technical questions.

2 Answers

I heard they will ask you to sign a 2 year contract is that true.



basic Java, Databases and datawarehousing, UNIX questions

2 Answers

I answer all java questions perfectly. My answers for Data warehousing and UNIX were not accurate. Although the questions were basic, I couldn't answer properly due to lack of knowledge in those topics. Less

This company is great start for your career


Data Structures and Algorithms and RDBMS

1 Answers

A sound understanding of the fundamentals and basic applications of the concepts is sufficient to clear both the technical rounds. Less

Iris Software

Your Profile doesn't seem to fit out JD, so you can leave and we'll let you know if we have relevant profile for you.

1 Answers

But you shortlisted my profile for this Job requirement

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