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Technical consultant Interview Questions in Birmingham, UK


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There was one question that did throw me off which was "why are manhole covers round?" I was confused because I thought I'd seen many square ones before.

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The main answer is so that they can't fit through the hole if they're on their side and hit someone below. A square could if it was rotated since the length of an edge is less than the length from corner to corner.

What is your preferred programming language?

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What kind of things appeal to you about this role?

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None specific. Asked about projects detailed on my CV.

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Are you prepared to travel?

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asked if I was I was married in second interview ?

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Describe CAD/CAM to someone who knows nothing of engineering.

Typical group work activities followed by some comprehension tests

Are you responsible for your own decisions and why

Tell us about BIM/ Tell us about a difficult User