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Write SQL codes and analyze dataset on the spot.

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1.Case study-- If Wayfair saw a 10% increase in its internet traffic in September 2018 as compared to September 2017 than what possible reasons could have aided this increase? 2. 1000 customers were sent catologs (Manufacturing cost 90 cents). 500 orders received and 25$ discount given on each order. what should be the min avg price each order at a profit margin of 20% to even out the cost of this marketing campaign

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how do you know the position

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You have eight golf balls with one slightly heavier than the rest and one leveling scale. What is the least number of times you can use the scale to figure out the heavier ball.

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They gave me a hypothetical fantasy sports game and asked me to find the appropriate prize pool for the game

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What is probability 4 people were all born in four different seasons?

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Why wayfair?

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why wayfair

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What does our market data analyst do?

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How can you determine if a firm's stock price dropped due to the firm announcing they discovered flawed financials through an audit, or if it was due to other circumstances not necessarily in the firm's control?

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