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If depreciation were to go up, how would this flow through each of the 3 major financial statements.

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You're on a access to information source...size a particular market in the x geography.

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Tell me about your past experience?

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What is the yearly consumption of eggs in the USA

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What are 3 metrics that could be used for credit analysis?

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How do you deal with a client that has some strong ideas about how you should design their solution?

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How many pingpong balls could fill a 747?

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Describe the different parts of an SQL statement

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Wayfair is going to send 2 different catalogs to their customers. One of the catalogs costs 50 cents to make and is 50 pages long. The conversion rate for the catalog is 5% and each customer brings in 315 dollars. The second catalog costs 95 cents to make, is 100 pages long and each customer brings in 300 dollars from it. The profit margin is 30%. What should the conversion rate for the second catalog be to make at least the same amount of profit as the first one. After you find the conversion rate for the second one, there is a second part of the problem. Wayfair is planning to make a new catalog which is going to cost 10 cents more than the 100 page one. The more expensive catalog is going to be sent out to 20% of the customers while the remaining 80% are going to get the 100 page one. Assume the same 30% profit margin and 300 dollar profit from each customer. What should the conversion rate for the new catalog be in order to receive the same profit at the end?

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If you have a gold bar that is equally marked into 7 equal pieces, and you need to pay an employee 1/7 of the gold piece per day, and you only have two cuts to make to the gold bar, how do you pay him properly.

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