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A table has a column with full names(e.g. 'Tom Hardin'). write a python code to get distinct first names(i know its super easy in sql)

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select distinct (substr(fullname, 0, instr(fullname,' ')-1)) from data

Assuming table has only one column and first & last name separated with space. f = open('file','r') set([i.split(" ")[0] for i in f]) f.close

import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv('name.csv') df['First Name'] = df['Full Name'].apply(lambda x: x.split(' ')[0]) df['Surname'] = df['Full Name'].apply(lambda x: x.split(' ')[1])

Mostly case based questions intended to see my ability to reason through the problems the team was facing at the time of my interview. Also some more technical coding questions.

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Q1. SQL Given tables: employees(id, unixname,team,role,days_since_started) projects(id,name,....) commits(id,file_path,proj_id,auth_id,timestamp) Find the number of unique employees per project per month? Q2. Imagine you have a CSV file: john_doe,android,ios,infra bob_law,is,backend jane_doe,frontend ------------------------------ Containing,for each employee, a list of projects he/she works on Write a script/function/else that reads data from CSV file and creates a data structure that stores, for each project, a list of employees who work on it.

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Technical case interview which is a mix of modelling skills + classical case interview structure

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How would you correlate each device a person visits the website with back to that person?

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In my opinion the most challenge question is to ask you to determine whether the difference of mean values of two columns is significant or not?

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They did not ask me any technical questions

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Write a program in Python to calculate tax if Salary and Tax Brackets are given as list in the form [ [10000, .3],[20000, .2], [30000, .1], [None, .1]]. You don’t know in the beginning how many tax brackets are there. You have to test for all of them.

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They focus a lot on their leadership principles and your resume

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In an array having 0s and 1s , sort such that all 0s are seperated by all 1s.

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