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count the number of duplicates in a binary tree in O(n) time O(1) space.

5 Answers

In order traversal passing down the parent key value to the right child and the previously passed value to the left child, checking for duplicates and adding one to the returned value as you go along.

there is no such info left-right-parent comparision info in a *BT*. I think you are talking about *BST*...

yes you are correct, I meant a BST

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Questions were related to search algorithms.

2 Answers

In three very large arrays, calculate a number common to the same array

2 Answers

They asked several algorithm questions.

2 Answers

Given three tables (Users, Dogs and Cats), how would you add 'ownership' information to the dogs and cats?

1 Answer

How to parse parameters to function in JavaScript?

1 Answer

What is finally in Java? How does it work? What is exception?

1 Answer

Describe the basic OO principles.

1 Answer

Brain Teaser: If you have 8 identical coins but one weighs less than the other, find the different coin with only 2 weighs.

1 Answer

What is the method of Memory management in Java?

1 Answer
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