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Find the largest sum of contiguous numbers in an array

6 Answers

Are you sure?! If this is the question then just add all numbers of the array lol.

What about negative numbers in the array - you can't just sum it up

Good point! In that case, just iterate over the array and: 1) n 0, add 3) next time you encounter n <=0, compare with the current max number and assign the new sum if larger.

How many years of systems level programming experience do you have?

2 Answers

Design an alert system. You have 500,000 hotels you represent, and about 250,000 are visited each day. You want to track hotel page visits such that, if more than 10 visitors per a) 5 minutes, b) 1 hour, and c) 24 hours occur, then a (different for each time period) "alert" appears when someone visits one of those "hot" hotel pages. Don't worry about the UI part, just design the underlying alert system. Then optimize your solution for space.

5 Answers

What is the efficiency of finding an element in an unsorted array of strings

4 Answers

What is the efficiency of searching in a sorted set or strings. Binary search

2 Answers

1 different weight object out of 8, how to find with least measurement.

2 Answers

Find least common parent in a tree.

2 Answers

How would you work with pre-established guidelines if you feel they are not the most efficient or unnecessary?

2 Answers

Nothing too difficult

1 Answer

Describe and psuedo-code a "Last Recently Used" mechanism that reliably identified a collection element as the one that went the longest without being accessed.

1 Answer