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Design an alert system. You have 500,000 hotels you represent, and about 250,000 are visited each day. You want to track hotel page visits such that, if more than 10 visitors per a) 5 minutes, b) 1 hour, and c) 24 hours occur, then a (different for each time period) "alert" appears when someone visits one of those "hot" hotel pages. Don't worry about the UI part, just design the underlying alert system. Then optimize your solution for space.

5 Answers

Not sure how good this is: Create a hashMap of all the hotels with the key being hotel id and the value being an array of 3 interges (5 min hits, 1 hr hits, 24 hr hits). For each request add one to each slot in the array. Then every 5 mins get all the hotels with 10+ count and reset the count to zero in the array

How about create a hash map, key is the hotel id, value is a ArrayList which contains every visit time, so it is like ArrayList, when some one visit a hotel, find the number of elements in the ArrayList that is between current time and current time - 5 min, if larger than 10 then alert, if not, check the number of elements between current time and current time - 1 hr...

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What is the efficiency of finding an element in an unsorted array of strings

4 Answers

Find the largest sum of contiguous numbers in an array

6 Answers

1. Can you extend main method in Java? 2. Explain how hashmap works internally? 3. Relation between hash code and equals? 3. Difference between StringBuffer/StringBuilder? 4. Code to check the frequency of word occurrence? 5.Code to implement a country/state list generation logic? Follow-up - country name can have aliases 6.Spring bean wiring.

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So you're not a .Net developer?

3 Answers

1. How to encrypt a set of string e.g. WAAAYYFFFFFAIIIRR to W1A3Y2F4A1I3R2 etc... And how to decrypt it back to original string (2 separate functions) 2. How to design a system so that user can check in their location thru their phone, and how to scale it when the app gets popular and millions of users are using it. How would you expand the application features when popularity grows. 3. How to design a database of Warehouse, Suppliers and Customers and they ask you to write various SQL queries to pull products sold, how many customers bought more than 30 products etc 4. A coding problem to simulate the coin game and gambler's fallacy (if they are 4 Heads in a row, gambler would bet on Tail, and vice versa).

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Given a 2D map w/ walls: -------- | | |xxxx | | | ------------- Write a function that finds the shortest route distance between any two empty points in the map.

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Join 2 table and get the date where most of employees worked for a previous employer.

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Write a code that show all possible permutation from a given String.

4 Answers

1 different weight object out of 8, how to find with least measurement.

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