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How many bottles of shampoo are produced in the world a year?

25 Answers

Not enough, apparently.

Let's start with the US market: 300X10^6 people. About 60% use shampoo (others are bald or use soap). They go through about one bottle every two months, so that is about 1.8X10^9. Human population is about 6.6 X 10^9. As far as the undeveloped nations, most people don't use shampoo. The developed world is about four times the size of the US population or approximately 1.2 X 10^9. People in the US wash their hair more than in Europe, but I will neglect this. My estimate is about 5X10^9 bottles.

Enough to wash everyone's hair.

Given a BST with leaf nodes having a numeric value, and nodes having the sum of values of its two children. Find an algorithm to find the maximum node within a tree.

7 Answers

Find the largest sum of contiguous numbers in an array

6 Answers

Write a program that given 4 coin denominations and a dollar amount finds the best way to express that amount using the coins given. I.e. you have coins with denominations of 1c, 7c, 13c,19c and you have to express $2.12 with the least number of coins. There is always a 1c coin but the other 3 are arbitrary.

6 Answers

An array has negative and positive numbers. Separate the numbers such that negative numbers are at the beginning and positive numbers at the end without changing the order. You cannot sort it. Explain with O(1) space

8 Answers

Given four coins that could have any value (i.e. $.17, $.07, $.05, $.01), come up with an algorithm that figures out the fewest number of coins to get that value.

6 Answers

Write code to generate all possible case combinations of a given lower-cased string. (e.g. "0ab" -> ["0ab", "0aB", "0Ab", "0AB"])

6 Answers

write a program to translate alphanumeric phone number to numbers only

6 Answers

How to find the only different number in two unsorted arrays?

6 Answers

Find the largest 100 numbers out of a list of a trillion unsorted numbers

5 Answers
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