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If you had 9 marbles, all the same size. One is heavier than the rest. You have a balance scale. How do you determine the heavy marble in the least number of moves.

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I suggested going in half.. 4 marbles each. The heavier group then divided 2 and 2, then 1 and 1. If it balanced, the extra is the heaviest. The answer was using 3 each. That would identify the set of marbles faster by one move.

The answer is 2. Group them into 3 marbles each. 1. Weigh any 2 groups first - Find the heaviest group. If both are equal then the 3rd group is heaviest. 2. Now follow step 1 with 1 marble and you can find the heaviest.

Basic questions about Digital radiography system 1) How much is my experience in digital radiography system? 2) How often you communicate to Field service engineers and dealers? 3) Technical questions about DR system

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What is the name of the file thats responsible for initial configuration for Samba server. Describe some of the type of functions inside the config file and what is the name of the Param that enables CIFS functionality in Samba.

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Extensive list of interview questions but it was meant to get to know you better. What's a pet peeve? Which muppet would you be? When was the last time you lost your cool?

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Are you being interviewed at any other company

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Lost of open questions directly related to technical skills and enterprise support customer relationship and behavior.

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What is the toughest crash case you dealt with ?

Basic questions, NO TECHNICAL QUESTIONS. All questions are on resume, projects, communication and behavioral.

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All the questions were the standard interview questions about my experience, about me personally, and about what I wanted for my future.