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Interview was taken by the MD, who was not aware of one of the most sought after Master Degree Program in Project Management. He had some preconceived notion about industry standards and had a myopic view of qualifications and experience. Within 2 minutes of interview I had decided that it was not a place to work for senior professionals. I was not offered any tea coffee. The wait time was more than an hour. Pathetic unprofessional approach- but am glad that it had shown its true color during the interview itself.

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Questions were basic and didn't display any great intelligence/ Real Estate acumen from the interviewer. At times he was even impolite and demeaning about the qualifications/ degree. Overall the interviewer didn't have enough exposure to the elite academia of Real Estate/ Project Management industry.

questioning starts frm syllabus part. it was alittle dificult. what is bcg marix........? why do u want to join dis field.....?

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Tell me about your weaknesses?

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Kyc policy and documents required to open a saving account,what is cheque/did Rtgs process and settlement

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Asked regarding Bank Reconciliation statement & Cash flow statement Previous job experience and previous job details regarding type of work and previous experience regarding operations

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tell me about yourself.

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Questions on current work in present company, education background. Some technical questions regarding Cash management and clearing. Also product knowledge of saving account , kyc and Fixed deposit

They asked, personal,professional skills and my past experience,conversion regarding mortgage process asked questions about Disbursement,Credit,Customer Services, Banking operations process

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