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on the linux test they wanted to know what the NTTP protocol was and what port it listens on

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google it.

Tell us one of the most difficult support experiences you've had and how did you overcome it?

None, questions that were made were about knowledge of computers. Easy if you know your stuff.

Was there ever a time that you had to leave a customer unsatisfied due to a company policy or rule?

How would you handle a difficult situation / or caller? All of my questions were Help Desk related as that was the position I was applying for.

What is DHCP? What is your favorite super hero, lol. Trust me it was a lot more, but I forgot. Its been a while.

Have you used Linux?

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Be ready for a lot of behavioral learning questions. Long interview process with a lot of rounds. Interviews tend to be more conversational. Be ready to ask a lot of questions

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