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Explain your daily routine

7 Answers

Briefly described the daily chores systematically, using proper grammar along with describing curtain influential events of life

I usually wake up at 7 am but on weekends I wake up at 9 am. Once I wake up, I stay in bed about 10 minutes before I get up. I wash my face and brush my teeth. After that I take a shower. Then I dry and comb my hair. After that, I have a breakfast at around 8.30. Then, I put on make up. I leave home at around 8.50. I take a bus to work. I arrive work at around 9.30. I have a cup of coffee while I read the newspaper. Then I check my emails and file my papers. Then I report to my boss. At around 1 pm I have lunch, followed by which I usually work on the computer. I leave work at 5.30. I reach home and pray. I go for a bath. I have dinner around 9. I relax on my couch and watch TV. Then, I get things ready for the next day, I set out things for breakfast the next morning and lay out my clothes to wear the next day. I lock the door and brush my teeth and Get ready for bed. At around 10.30 I set the alarm and read a book for about 30 minutes. Then Finally at around 11 pm I turn off the lights and get in bed. Then I sleep tight.

what is our daily routine when we are sleeping

backward class people say why i should take policy

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Mostly techinical questions and it is very good if you atleast ask any employee already working and ask them to explain about there process

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what are mutual funds

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in govt. exams of IRDA?

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no difficult question only salary negotiation was difficult.

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Are you flexible to work in night shifts?

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Do you have full drivers licence

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About myself

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Basic financial ratios, Questions about primary and secondary market, Share market knowledge, Law Of Demand, Break Even Analysis Abbreviation:ICICI,HDFC,IDBI,TSS, AMEX List five companies in Pharma, FMCG, Automobiles and IT(Listed in NSE and BSE) Long term ambition, Details of graduation. The behaviour of the final interviewer who was also the CEO was very rude. He just wants to force his own ideology, beliefs and thoughts on someone else. He just wants you to memorise their material line by line. He doesn't understand anything you are trying to explain other than the book. Though it is good for beautiful girls. They get selected easily even if they don't know anything. Not too many questions are asked to them. God knows why do they select such girls!!

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