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Please estimate the number of paint cans required to paint the entire fleet of Spice Jet.

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Answer is one. Since, the condition painting the paint without leaving any part of the plane is not used here.

'Entire fleet' implies 'entire plane' as well ! This is not the approach supposed to be used to solve the problem !

We can zero in on the answer by the following steps 1. Number of planes in the Spice Jet fleet : ~30 2. Model of a spicejet flight to estimate size : 200 seater 3. Split the Parts of the plane and measure area a.fuselage : ~14 ft wide, 100 ft long (excluding tapering effect) --> Circumference = 2*Pi*7 = 44 ft X 100 ft = 4400 sqft b. Wing Span : Almost equal to the length : ~50 ft each , Base width : 25 ft --> Area = (0.5 * 25 * 50) * 2 sides * 2 wings = 2500 sq ft c.Tail : 30 ft height, 20 ft base --> Area : (0.5 * 30 * 20 ) * 2 sides = 600 sq ft d. Tail Wings : 20 ft Length, 10 ft base --> Area : (0.5 * 20 * 10) * 2 sides * 2 wings = 400 sq ft e.100 sq ft for engine and wheels Total 8000 sq ft 4. Assume each can of paint covers 100 sq ft of area. Each plane requires 80 cans of paint 5. Fleet would need 80 * 30 = 2400 Cans of paint Assumptions :

They asked to describe about Cricket

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Very easy aptitude questions.

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sales force sizing question. A real world ZS consulting scenario and the series of really interesting questions.

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The case-study is NOT a conventional business-case or similar to most case-studies shared in books or online. It is largely a client-project's context - with data and guidelines on how it can be analyzed. The interviewer should then ask questions for clarification on the objective - to understand what is expected as an output, and with what substantiation. The analysis itself requires basic mathematical skills with sometimes large numbers - and then finally being able to assimilate the results into meaningful recommendations/insights pertaining to the case

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The most difficult phase of the interview was the unstructured case study where in a lot of analysis was expected within very less time.

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Case study about sales rep compensation

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Are you willing so stay long enough?

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1.what are looking for in your first job? 2.Describe a situation where you helped your team out of a crisis situation. 3.Describe a situation where you had to deal with lots of ambiguous data

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How many maximum equidistant trees can be planted around the earth (sphere) ?

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