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what is your father salary? what is brand? difference between promotion and marketing?

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Brand is the relationship between company and their customer

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Tell us about yourself.

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Puzzles : 2 or 3 puzzles to check your thinking process Technical : Based on CV based mainly and other than, normal technical questions based on machine learning,statistics etc.

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Scenario based questions on DWH concepts and DMM concepts with good ETL conceptual and report level analysis

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Unsort a sorted array. Write a pseudo code for it

1 Answer

The best predictiors for detecting add related data.

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The interviewer gave me a situation considering himself as client and mea sa data analyst. If he comes to our concern with a budget of 1 Crore, as a data analyst what genre of film I would suggest?

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I was given two more puzzles like there were three personsA, B, C in a room. If A shoots a person the probability of that person getting died is 100%, similarly B shoots it is 90% and C shoots it is 30%. Who will come out of that room ?

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Lots of questions revolving around what the company does. Hence deep research about the company before going for PI is a must.

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Business case on depreciation of value and return of investment for production equipment

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