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They put a picture of 4 different types of ice cubes in front of me and asked which cluster will melt the slowest?

6 Answers

By far one of the most peculiar questions, did not know the answer so told him that science and math were learn-able however it is my people skills that you should hire me for.

The lesser dimensional ice cube will melt slow.

And it's an IQ

They also asked me how will you explain the the terms "force" and "kinetic energy " to a 5th class child ?

5 Answers

No difficult question!?!, they want more people to be trapped by their fake portrait (behaviour)

4 Answers

sell an MBA course to the 65 years old retired person who is already done with PHD and MBA in HR and Marketing

4 Answers

questions related to my internship

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why you want to join. our competitor and fathers occupation. difference between logistic and supply chain, product life cycle.

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Can you work more than 10 hours every day ?

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Why do you want to join sales

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Have you any technical knowledge? Do you know about CMS?

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I am an iPhone user, sell me an android cable.

3 Answers
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