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A boy goes to his grandmother’s house. There he either does yoga in the morning / plays tennis in the evening / does neither. However he does not do both on the same day. We know that 22 days he did either 1 activity. 24 mornings he did nothing. 12 evenings he did nothing. How many min days did he stay there to have done this?

6 Answers

29 days. I used a brute force approach to solve. We know that he stayed a minimum of 24 days (from the question). If he stayed for 25 days can all the conditions be satisfied. If not, what about 26 days and so on ..

It's 12 days tennis, 12 days nothing...24 days

it's 29 days Tennis + Yoga = 22 Yoga + nothing = 24 Tennis + Nothing = 12

How will you market a telecalling solution to b2b customers

1 Answer

Tell me a story in 90 seconds. Your time starts now.

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how can you get me business

1 Answer

Tell me something about yourself

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the questions were not as difficult.

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tell me about yourself

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Introduce yourself ?

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Reason for why u are really interested in this.

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describe urself in short terms

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