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Basic followed with specialized related questions

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Nothing as such

Are you willing to Relocate Abroad?

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They ask irrelevant question like I am a vegetarian and now convince me to eat non veg

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Calculate the amount of revenue generated by the Vijayawada Toll Gate in a Month?

whether you have an entrepreneurial spirit in starting the business from ground up without overwhelming?

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Tell us about yourself? Challenges faced in performing BD activity in your current role? How do you resolved them? Understanding of taxation and financial services industry?

Fifth round again asked for salary and all. You are not allowed to do the negotiation.they will tell you the salary only. And If after hiring you are not able to achieve the target assigned to you.then your salary will deducted and will receive half o f the salary for three months and in three months if you not achieved your target then you will be throughout of the company.

Fourth round goes with a half an hour PPT session with the chairman and other founding member.Then the told how much they can give in terms of salary and all.

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