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3 Answers

how many knock-out tournament can be played between 10 teams?

4 Answers

How would you fill out exact 4 liters in a Can of 5 liters and another Can of 3 liters, with unlimited supply of water?

3 Answers

Whats your expectation from TCS?

5 Answers

Well, in the Logical Interview, there was a question about 4 friends crossing a bridge with a single torch. The speeds of all the 4 friends were different and no one could cross the bridge without a torch. So while going 2 people had to go while coming back only one could come back with the torch. I think that the speeds were: 2, 3, 6 & 7. I gave the answer as 20 but it was wrong. It was a tricky question.

7 Answers

Having to write the logic for a program to create and serve masala dosa for 100 people was very unexpected.

3 Answers

-Understanding the Case Study questions is most important. -Some logical questions are difficult

3 Answers

A rope burns completely in 60 seconds. how will you measure 45 mins using 5 ropes and 1 matchstick?

3 Answers

Choose between two options: two eight inches or one sixteen inches pizza

3 Answers

how to find no of gas stations in a city? how to make 37 using five 5's?

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