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If an application is to be made which reads from 3 files and writes the sum into the 4th file, should it use multiple thread ?

2 Answers

Can you tell No. of Trees in Delhi?

3 Answers

what factors will effect a wrist watch companies sales during an year?

2 Answers

If after a meeting, 36 handshakes are exchanged, how many people were present at the meeting.

6 Answers

How will you market a telecalling solution to b2b customers

1 Answer

What is ADDC?

1 Answer

How will you manage the situation where your sub-ordinates are not accepting you as his senior.

1 Answer

if i ask your enemy what he will say about you, i am from mechanical branch so they asked y latenview

1 Answer

the questions were not as difficult.

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They asked about one of my project in machine learning. Challenges faced. Nothing much technical but tricky questions.

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