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Load a file using Pig which has a custom field delimiter and line terminator

12 Answers

You need to write a UDF for Load extending the class LoadFunc

Short Term goals:bug discovery,bug prevention Long Term goals:quality,risk management,customer satisfaction

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Case study round with 30 minutes time is a bit of a challenge.

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Estimate the price of an eraser 5 years from now.

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Programming Round: 1) Write a program count 1 to 50 number. Every multiple of 3 it should print " Manhattan " and Every 5 multiple it should print " Associate " and combination of 3 and 5 multiple. it should print "Manhattan Associate". 2) How to create class for Smartphone feature using oops concept. Databse: They Given Three table : shellar name,Customer,order: 1) find out all shellarename who ever purches Maruti car. 2) find out all shellername who ever purches Honda and indika car.

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WAP to find sum of first n prime nos. like n=5 then addition would be of 2+3+5+7+11

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Recruitment Process Life cylcle

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Why do you want to join Wells Fargo?

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1. Tell me what you did during your internship at xx company? 2. Why did you score less in engineering compared to your school grades? 3. Tell me one very interesting thing about yourself. 4. Situation based questions. 5. Are you comfortable working in dead hours?

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why that firm?

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I want a windows XP system with 16GB RAM and Apple hardware and I intend to use it for home - some music video and internet. I want you opinions.

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