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Care managers can work with elderly patients, chronically ill patients and patients with declining health. If you are interviewing for a position as a care manager, you can expect to talk about your understanding of the healthcare industry and your organisation and customer service skills. Interviewers are also looking for self-motivated candidates with strong communication skills.

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Top Care Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top care manager interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What qualities do you think a successful care manager needs?

How to answer: This question provides you with the opportunity to prove you did your research before the interview. Cite the job description when explaining key care manager traits. Additionally, talk about the qualities you possess that make you the ideal person for the job, including your communication skills, self-motivated attitude and organisation skills.

Question No. 2: How do you balance the needs of a patient with the needs of their family?

How to answer: No two clients are exactly the same, so interviewers want to know that you can use your personal ethics to make the right decision on a case-by-case basis. It is important to meet the needs of the patient, while also considering their family in the decision-making process.

Question No. 3: How do you stay in the loop with new developments in the healthcare industry?

How to answer: A care manager always needs to be in the know about the latest offerings and developments in the healthcare industry in order to provide their patients with the highest quality care. Explain how you research new developments to provide for your clients.

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The Good Care Group
Care Manager was asked...27 October 2016

How do you define quality?

7 Answers

Good reputation value for money. Making sure you always question am I giving a good quality service make sure the clients and staff can also say if they are receiving a quality service. Less

It simply means perseverance, hardworking and dedication to clients interest at a given periods Less

It simply means perseverance, hardworking and dedication to clients interest at a given periods Less

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Why foster care? Your experience with foster care? How well are you with being flexible? How are your time management skills? How do you handle conflict? How will are your documentation skills?

3 Answers

Before the interview I took time out to study the job description and also review over my resume in order to be prepared for what questions were asked. My main questions came from the job description, my past relating work experience, and from the feedback that came from the employees during the interview. Less

Your website is limited. Face to face is better.

I have 6 years experience as a volunteer assistant, helping a teacher coach girls high school varsity softball And an additional ten seasons managing and coaching Summer softball teams for girls. I maintain contact with the teacher I assisted. She is now retired- but still coaching. I was a Police Officer for 14 yrs and then. Police Sergeant for 13 years. Sergeants investigate police misconduct and submit typewrittenreports. I have a 11 year old child that lives with me. Less

TimeDoc Health

What made me interested in the position at TimeDoc

2 Answers

I do not have any room for professional growth in my current position and I knew this company had opportunities. Less

I am excited for an opportunity to branch off into the remote portion of a Care Management position. Less

Mayo Clinic

How I could contribute to the unit; How well I could handle conflict (detailed response expected); how would I handle a medication error; Why did I want to work for Mayo

2 Answers

I am a task oriented person and I know that i can do whatever you want me to do. My cognition towards the skill set you require says a lot that me being a good candidate. I can give my hard work to the organization and can carry organizations goal to a different level. And at the same time that will enhance my capabilities in the sector. Less

How well I could handle conflict

Sunrise Senior Living

Why you want to do this type of work? No thought put into this at all.

1 Answers

Most common answer is "like working with the elderly."

UnitedHealth Group

are you willing to work beyond the scheduled hours.

2 Answers

It is the nature of the job to get more from someone because they work in care management and remotely. I work for a different company but the same job for over a year and there was never a day that I worked an 8 hour shift. That's the reality of the job. Caseloads are large and the workers who stay on inherit cases from those who quit in frustration. I am very organized but struggle to get all documentation completed. Less

I am willing to give extra in order to get the best outcomes for the job. If it is an everyday situation, than I would need to reevaluate why things are unable to get completed in the time allotted and work with my superiors for a solution. Less

Sunrise Senior Living

What would you if Mrs Johnson for example have a cat but is starting to forget to feed her cat and change the kitty litter?

1 Answers

i will ask if ok to feed her cat,.. because some of cat they have a food always giving them,.. but if i feed not good for a cat, then can cause of sick,.. i am the first hurt,.. because i love animals,.. Less

CVS Health

Tell me about a time when you tackled your job with passion. Tell me about a time when you helped a customer who was angry. Tell me why you applied to work at CVS.

2 Answers

I always take my jobs with passion. I love helping people everyday to make their day better than it started. When I am finished with a customer they always feel that everything was solved, and if it is not then my job is not finished. I just had a customer that came in this last week for a product that I did not have anymore and they drive 4 hours from the Indian reservation. I did some investigating on what they were really looking for in their new vehicle, checked the lot and a couple other locations until I found the perfect car for him. He actually left with a better vehicle than what he originally had in mind. I love making people happy and that is how it should be no matter how upset the customer is or if they disrespect me I can 99.9 percent of the time listen to their problem and fix it as quick as possible. The reason why I applied to CVS is because I am a people person and problem solver. This looks like the perfect job for my needs. Less

A offer was extended to me, but a drug test is not included I wonder what is .. currently waiting on my email from certiphi on my next steps Less

Bailey Nelson

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

2 Answers

In a higher role within the company

Because employee worth always with his job place .

If I felt that going into people's home to conduct nursing assessments would be an issue.

1 Answers

That it wouldn't be a problem. The interview was rather lengthy.

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