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1. Why do you want to change role, 2. What is it that keeps you going 3. Describe change management process 4. What are the biggest challenges that we face 5. what is the kind of contribution that you are willing to make if you join. then they asked a few role related questions which was easy if you have worked in the same role. nothing like exam questions

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I gave all answers satisfactory

The 1:1 interview process was more direct and focused mainly on the practical aspects of the Service Management process. The Job role was for a Change Management Lead and the interviewer was keen to understand what major change controls were handled individually and how I have been able to manage them efficiently.

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What I liked in finance, Financial Statements, D/E ratio, leverage, 2-3 probability questions...coins flipping ones, 1 question on derivatives,,what are forwards and futures, 3-4 behavioral questions like how to handles conflicts in office etc., knowledge of excel, ppt, sql..It was an easy interview.

Funnily I was asked about my favorite subject in engineering and few related questions about that subject .

What is Capacity, Availability, event management? What are the KPIs of Service Management What is process integration Etc

if the mistake has been done accidentally by you what will be your next step.

1) describe the work you have done in your previous firm 2) walk me through/tell me how would you create a process for an arbitrary firm requesting services from this department (proposal and requirements) 3) You have 2 hours to create a presentation (3 cases given)

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