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Chartered Accountant Interview Questions


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How you will deal with the situation when your boss ask you for the report but will not provide you thr proper information ?

1 Answer

I will try to convice my boss with proper logic to get the data.. Firstly I will access what is the exact problem with my boss why is not ready to provide me proepr data, then I will find out the solution accordingly.

what salary would you like to take ?

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what is floating debenture

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who the the members of associated companies relevant to the employer

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tell us the most challenging thing which you have handle.

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How much time will you take to know the atmosphere of the company?

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what is quantitative easing. (i mentioned in cv i was interested in financial news!) companies act 2013 features accounting entries for a manufacturing concen from procurement, production to sale. Are u willing to travel 5-6 months a year for the job.

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Tell me about IndAS. Explain the accounting treatment of a forward contract taken to hedge an export order. How are Investments treated under IndAS? Speak on any Accounting Standard of your interest.

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