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Assistant Manager-Chartered Accountant was asked...25 July 2012

How much time will you take to know the atmosphere of the company?

1 Answers

As the company is big,i will probably take 12-15 days to know the atmosphere of the company. Less

Saffery Champness

Describe a time when you showed initiative? Describe a hard situation you have been in, and what steps you took to over come this problem?

3 Answers

Hi! I have a phone interview tomorrow and was wondering what kind of questions they ask for this please? Less

What are the maths question based on?

I answered with real life examples, taken from my time at university and previous part time jobs. Less

Saffery Champness

Describe yourself in three words

2 Answers

Determined, motivated and loyal

What kind of questions did they ask in the numerical test?

About last employment

1 Answers

Told about my previous experiences which were relevant to them


All Technical questions. common understanding on the subject is required.

1 Answers

Itold whatever i know.

Tata Consultancy Services

methods of finding NPV

1 Answers

Internal rate of return profitability Index inflow-outflow

Goldman Sachs

They asked questions mostly on accounting standards and journal entries

1 Answers

I was able to answer some of them, some I did not get.

What are the individual modules of each year in audit?

1 Answers

KNOW THEM! She will be impressed.


2) When did you decide you wanted to be an accountant, and why you would be suited the ACA qualification

1 Answers

Look into the qualification. I talked about how I place value on learning in ones personal development and want to grow. Also the kind of opportunities that would be presented to you by taking the qualification. Less


3) Tell us about your proudest achievement

1 Answers

try to link this to the role

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