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Tell me about IndAS. Explain the accounting treatment of a forward contract taken to hedge an export order. How are Investments treated under IndAS? Speak on any Accounting Standard of your interest.

What is Internal Financial Controls? What's the change in depreciation according to Companies Act and IndAS? Explain Segment Reporting. How do you deal with un realised profit in inter departmental accounting?

Tell me about Indian Economy. How is GDP measured? What is India's current GDP? What is its growth rate? What is real growth rate and nominal growth rate? What is Purchasing Power Parity?What is happening with GST?

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methods of finding NPV

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what is capital budgeting

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What is your goal in life? When do you get irritated and angry at people? What are your weaknesses? If there is a result to be achieved but you cant follow the prescribed procedures to achieve the result, what would you do? Who is your favourite politician?