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Chartered Accountant Interview Questions


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Basic details about you, statutory audits regarding all provisions.

Different methods of valuation, what is rf, what is beta basically sfm questions

Ind as 115, leases, financial ratio like debt equity, quick ratios, etc

Tell me something about your prevoius adit experience?

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Explain internal audit. Difference between marginal and absorption costing. How to carry out internal audit of a petroleum company. Major findings in Statutory audit. Major elements of a valid contract

Accounting Standards Balance Sheet Preparation Goods & Services Tax Income Tax Your presence of mind with numbers ROC compliances FEMA Compliances SEIS benifits Banking processes MIS preparations

Why mayor batra? How much did you pay for your MBA?. How much does your husband make

Tell me anything you read recently. Assumed that the interviewee is not well read.. look down on non Delhi people.

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They asked questions mostly on accounting standards and journal entries

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