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Graduate trainee Interview Questions in Chennai


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Academic project Programming languages I know Baics about java

14 Answers

do the results are announced or not


Me too waiting for the results. if any info mention it here.

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Why do you want the positions you have selected ?

6 Answers

would you prefer higher studies in future?

3 Answers

why do you want to join this company?

4 Answers

SQL questions and I was asked to write one query

3 Answers

They gave a case problem to be solved by a group of 5 members for which solution flowchart n coding has to be given

2 Answers

Name a Nissan's brand ?

2 Answers

What makes tata chemicals different from others

2 Answers

The questions were simple and they expect your basics to be very clear.

2 Answers

what is a differential gear? use?

2 Answers
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