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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interviews in Chennai /  HQ: Teaneck, NJ

782 Interviews in Chennai (of 5,135)

2.6 Average

Tata Consultancy Services Interviews in Chennai /  HQ: Mumbai, IN

665 Interviews in Chennai (of 6,833)

2.7 Average

Infosys Interviews in Chennai /  HQ: Bengaluru, IN

434 Interviews in Chennai (of 6,184)

2.6 Easy

Interview Questions in Chennai

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Gave a Situation of a Fire Burning in company. 3 Options : a) Run out of the company b) Save other People c ) Call fire Service

22 Answers

Answer was : Follow the evacuation procedure (Run out of the comany)

call fire service and save the people

Save other People & Call fire Servic

Given a number find it is one less than the power of two.

15 Answers

Q: Say you are very good at C++ but customer is asking an application in Java. How will you manage this situation. A: Will explain the benefits of C++ over Java Q: But we cant say many. Java is very much advanced. A: Yes, I will ask customer why they need in Java and explain them how the same can be achived in C++ Q: Very Good. Perfect approach Q: ---> Interviewer A:---> Me

9 Answers

what is your expectation in next 5 years

10 Answers

Puzzle: There are 25 horses and 5 lanes for conducting a race among them. In a minimum of how many races, would be able to find out the 3 fastest horses among them? Assumption: Speed of horses are consistent enough across races.

5 Answers

A bucket is kept under the tap and the tap is opened to let out water. Though water is flowing out, the bucket never seems to be full. why?

6 Answers

What is the expected number of tosses required to achieve 2 heads in an unbiased coin?

5 Answers

What will you do when your girl friend is getting married on the same day as a important client meeting?

5 Answers

Nothing out of the ordinary. Some simple questions on time management, but that is pretty much it

4 Answers

A box is divided into 4 boxes which is further subdivided into 4 boxes and so on. What is the best Data structure suitable for this scenario?

5 Answers
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