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Project manager Interview Questions in Chicago, IL


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Do you have any non-UX experience? The hiring manager is concerned about the UX in your title.

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Why would he be concerned about UX? In my title? Any digital experience we build has the user experience in mind. I'm confused.

He’d be concerned because it’s a Sr PM position...?

It’s obvious this hiring manager has no idea about User Experience being a skill. They work you to death anyway, you dodged a bullet.

How will you help an associate who is always late to office and never meets the deadlines. How will you protect your resources from Clients. How will you make sure offshore flaws are not visible to client?

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Describe a situation when I felt threatened in the workplace? And how did you handle it?

2 Answers

There were no significantly challenging interview questions. There may have been one STAR type question, for example, "Tell me about a situation where you were faced with a major project altering decision where you had to go over your managers head?"

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He led off the interview by asking me what questions I had for him. I was caught slightly off guard as I was expecting to be put through ringer. In my previous interview there had only been time for two of my questions, so I didn't have that many prepared. In this particular interview about 30-40 minutes of the hour long interview was devoted to questions I had for him, so I had to come up with a lot of them on the fly. I believe he was also assessing my Product Management knowledge based upon the kinds of questions I was asking.

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What did you want to be when you grew up, when you were younger?

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What position are you interviewing for again?

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The most difficult (though expected) questions were about my experience with the less-glamorous job responsibilities (QA tasks, working with multiple stakeholders who don't necessarily agree, working with curmudgeons, being assigned 175 hours worth of work to be completed in a week).

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What was the most difficult situation you have ever been in? Was was your success rate on delivering projects on time and on budget?

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Why do you feel you are qualified for this position?

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