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What do you know about Jesuit educational philosophy?

2 Answers

It pays to study for the interview. I gave a brief outline of the development of modern Jesuit educational philosophy. It seemed to be well-received.


If you were a part of a car, which part would you be and why?

1 Answer

If you have a 7 gallon bucket and 4 gallon bucket, how can you get 5 gallons of water?

1 Answer

How would you handle being in a mission-critical position? (The job was in the Admissions Office -- hitting their enrollment targets is crucial to the University.)

1 Answer

how tall is willis tower (tallest building in Chicago)?

1 Answer

Q: How could you apply your skills here?

1 Answer

The most difficult question for me was "what would your ideal position be like"?

1 Answer

How did I feel I could be an asset to their company?

1 Answer

Can you use Excel

1 Answer

Add up all the numbers between 1 and 99.

1 Answer
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