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Are you willing to relocate?

3 Answers

I had heard from an existing employee that it is very important that prospective employees be able to answer yes to this question. It isn't a deal-breaker for obtaining the role but it will definitely limit career opportunities if you cannot relocate.

I have submitted my CV to Honeywell, Malaysia 7 times over the past two years. I have never received the courtesy of a reply

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How would you demonstrate technical writing skills if asked to provide a sample

1 Answer

"Tell me about a project you are particularly proud of ..." and I covered a number of highlights from my career within the last 5 years. I also covered in detail my daily/weekly/monthly duties over my last two positions. They asked and verified my college transcript and GPA. The technical screening was very minimal - they assumed I could do the job from a technology and engineering standpoint. I was a referral from a retained outside recruiting firm - so that helped.

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Lots of behavior questions. Tell me about a time ...

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How far of a commute would you be willing to accept? You would be working at a client site not at the Data intensity office in northern KY.

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What are your thoughts about working in the death care industry?

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None of the questions were too difficult.

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They asked me about myself and about the last project that I worked on.

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Asked to give an example of one of my weaknesses and how I could over come.

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Is patient data more or less important than provider data?

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