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Middle Country Public Library
Clerical Assistant was asked...14 April 2022

Interests, previous experience, knowledge of building and materials, organization skills

Wren Kitchens

What can you tell us about the company

1 Answers

I asked the interviewer to tell me his opinion rather than me answer.

Con Edison

Lots of math questions using multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and some grammar and reading comprehension


Are you able to continuously pick up the phone while dealing with customers

1 Answers


The University of Hong Kong

It is based on your CV, so no explicit questions

Covid Clinic

What would you do if there was incorrect patient information entered into the system after the patient had left?

1 Answers

I would speak to my supervisor on how to handle the situation cause lawsuit is about to happen ( maybe) but t needs to be fixed though. Less

Thames Valley District School Board

How would you handle the following situation: - A non-custodial parent arrives in the office to pick up a student for an appointment - A student comes to office complaining about feeling ill - A teacher needs a document to be taken to them that was delivered to the office.

1 Answers

I would talk to the non-custodial parent but would not call the student to the office. Unless the true parent or guardian had made arrangements with the office secretary before hand. I would help the ill child before the non-custodial parent by asking about symptoms and calling his parent or guardian to decide on a plan. Take the document when I had free time afterward or beginning of lunch break. Less


How well I work under pressure?

The Highland Council

How would you handle queries? How are you with mundane repetitive tasks? How well do you know office suite and other business softwares? What skills from your current job will help you in this job? Do you know what (department) does and how they do it? What ICT technologies are you familiar with or have used in previous jobs?

1 Answers

Answer honestly and concisely. Keep smiling, be pleasant. Do your research, even if you have previous experience in a similar role - you should know your hard and soft skills and be able to provide evidence or examples. Less

Covid Clinic

Are you vaccinated and can you pass a drug test

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