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Senior Client Solutions Associate was asked...3 May 2021

Background and questions about my thoughts on the case review

2 Answers

Walk them through my work process

It will be great if you can share sample Case study .

PMG Manufacturing Labor Solutions

After 6 interviews there was nothing they didn't ask.

2 Answers

I live in San Diego in an interview with a recruiter named mr. Snow he told me I was supposed to start working probably on the first so I would have to travel cross-country and I haven't heard back from him I went through the whole big interview process gave my references and I keep calling and he's not getting back and I don't know what to do I hope I wasn't hacked or something that would be awful Less

I just kept explaining why I was a good fit for them.


A bunch of odd questions that have nothing to do with the real job and what an assessment should cover.

2 Answers

Do not interview here. It is a waste of time . Hiring freeze since March yet they still reach out saying they have a "great" position for you. I actually took a highly technical test for a "sales" job. Decided to have a very senior engineer take it with me ( I had no intention of working there). The subjective nature of the tech questions he couldn't even answer. Less

I stopped after 3 tests out of about 15


Tell me about a time you showed leadership?

2 Answers

How long have you waited after the 1st round before being called for the 2nd? Many thanks ! Less

what the competency based interview was about please


How did you hear about Percolate? What social media platforms do you use? What don't you like about them? Why shouldn't we hire you? Is there something I should know about your resume/experiences? Tell me what you know about the job (after meeting with a few people already)

1 Answers

I didn't think the questions were hard and had prepared for much harder questions after consulting with people in similar roles at different startups. I'm not sure what their criteria is since it all seemed positive too. Less


Please provide some examples of how you dealt with negative customer feedback.

1 Answers

[I should have realised this was a warning sign!] A standard three example response. Less

Rocket Fuel

Name an example of a Data Management Platform?

1 Answers


Cyagen Biosciences

Do you have, or do you plan to, have any pet mice?

1 Answers

No. If anything I'd get a dog. Explanation for question: Cyagen Biosciences generates genetically engineered mice. Any pet mice at home would bring potential mouse diseases to these very expensive lab mice. Less

are you a fresher?

1 Answers

my cv is already in your hand & i guess you can see my work experience there


Mainly about overall experience with their own and other types of marketing software, as well as what kinds of campaigns I had worked on and how they were proven. Very results-oriented, and would have brought the data with me had I known that was going to be explicitly asked of me.

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Never used their software, but went through a bit of their purchasing funnel beforehand so I could get an idea of what businesses they look for and how they sell. Having working in software marketing before was a benefit, but ultimately, the position was less about Brand Marketing and Strategy but rather On-Boarding Clients About Percolate. Wasn't feeling the sales / project management position at this time. Less

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