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General questions.

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Why do you need this job. Tell me about yourself. Why job change.

Because I am studied b pharmacy..I would like to be a pharmacist for helping the poor people who wants to be the happy and cure care from in my side

My name is Kalyani Santhosh from Kerala in kollam.i am completed my degree in Adithya Bangalore institution pharmacy education and research in Rajiv Gandhi university. I don’t have that much of special skill

All the basics of Clinical Research plus case based questions were asked

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1. What do you mean by Phase 1 Clinical Trials?

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about clinical research

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Nothing they will ask directly salary issue.Very Unprofessional company.CEO will involve in recruitment also. CEO only will discuss salary no interview questions nothing.Only for Clinical research they will pay max 13K that.s it.Now even conductor also getting 20k.

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How will you conduct the informed consent process of a deaf & dumb subject?

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what was the project done?

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Are you willing to travel as per job requirements

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What would youlike to see yourself in next 5 yrs

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Pharmacology knowledge

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