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Senior Clinical Research Manager was asked...27 October 2018

You are overqualified, why?

2 Answers

There is normal and reasonable answer to this strange question?

Wow, an incredible question?Maybe being overqualified is a sin?!


A question they asked me was to describe a problem in my last position and how went on to resolve it.

1 Answers

I had to adjust to a different work culture than the one I was used to. I mentioned to my supervisors and colleagues at the time, some ideas about how some processes in the office could be optimized. Mutually beneficial discussions and adjustments were employed, and the results were positive for everyone. Less

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Why I was interested in the position?

1 Answers

I talked about my related background to the position.


Previous experience

1 Answers

Years in the role

Sanford Health

Describe past experience in regards to the position.

1 Answers

Related it to my current responsibilities.


Q. How did you deal with specific situation working with a challenging colleagues. Questions range from technical experience (clinical trials) to interpersonal soft skills. They are looking for leaders and out of the box thinkers. You need to be assertive.

1 Answers

A. Explain thinks concisely on how you resolve. Being assertive is key in your role as a study team leader as you will deal with different cross team collaboration. Collecting facts, gathering different perspective of stakeholder and determine who is the decision maker. Less

Northwell Health

what is your past experience? why do you want this job? why do you like research?

1 Answers

what ever came to mind

Oxford University

How do you feel about working in an underresourced area with little support?

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Typical questions: strengths and weaknesses, experience with project management, experience working in pediatrics


Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in this position?

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