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Clinical Trial Manager was asked...18 March 2009

Tell me about a time when.....

2 Answers

Show teamwork and priortization in examples.

For all behavioral interview questions (that all begin similarly, seeking a specific past example to try to predict future behavior - generally one of the best (and standard) interviewing techniques) try to draw from your list of past accomplishments. (You do have a list of 4-6 significant accomplishments ready, don't you??) You get a grade B if you have a specific example that answers their question, grade A if your example resulted in a significant accomplishment, and grade A+ if your example resulted in a significant accomplishment that you can quantify ($'s saved, % improvement, etc.). Less


Why do you want to move from your current position to another position

2 Answers

Can be hard to answer & not bash current position/employer.

Looking for professional growth and longevity in my career

xbiotech usa

What do you like about XBiotech?

1 Answers

Novel development of antibody

Olema Oncology

Questions were related to project and vendor management/oversight. Communication style/ approach. Problem solving abilities

1 Answers

I used the STAR formula (Situation, task, action, and results. I also added the impact and learned lessons. Less

Novo Nordisk

Budgets; strategic planning; work experience; motivations for joining the company.

1 Answers

Wish i had gone into greater and systematic description of my experience, make sure you plan this well Less


Name 3 hurdles you will have to overcome if you have this job

1 Answers

Describe a time when you did not agree with a decision that was being made and how did you handle it? Less

Innovent Biologics

Can you tell me a time you did something to motivate people to change course?

1 Answers

Leading from the front, motivating, coaching and providing the tools to succeed to the team works. Less


Tell me about a time when

1 Answers

Shared experiences. Offered 145k CAD initially and then 150k CAD.

Aixial Group

Pourquoi changez vous de poste?

1 Answers

Volonté d'évolution, d'investissement et recherche d'un sentiment d'appartenance à une société Less

Care Access Research

Explain why I had different jobs in the course of 25 years ? We want some one that stays here.

1 Answers

I said that “ I’m not a job hopper. I had a gap because I stayed home with my son for a few years and I am at my current place for 7 years and another for 10. “. I had already told them all of this as soon as we started the interview. Less

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