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Tata Consultancy Services Interviews in Cochin /  HQ: Mumbai, IN

75 Interviews in Cochin (of 7,247)

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Infosys Interviews in Cochin /  HQ: Bengaluru, IN

38 Interviews in Cochin (of 6,764)

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Sutherland Interviews in Cochin /  HQ: Pittsford, NY

38 Interviews in Cochin (of 638)

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Interview Questions in Cochin

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"estimate te total amount of data traffic in a railwaystation"

82 Answers

Hey can u post ur answers or ur email id... so dat i can mail and ask abt the answers.

mail me at

mail me at

Assume that you are given the head and tail pointers of a doubly linked list where each node can also have a single child pointer to another similar doubly linked list. There are no cycles in this structure outside of the traditional double links. Write a procedure in C++ that flattens this structure into a single list.

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2 Answers

what is the best quality in you and why do you think you need a job like this?

2 Answers

programs asked inverse the content of a arrray.don't use tmp variables 2 . to reverse a sentence. find the missing no : in a array of size 100. which have numbers from 1-101 written randomly

2 Answers

How long will you be here in Sutherland?

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At a time how you will prepare 5000 pax of egg fried rice?

2 Answers

are you willing to join immediately ??

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where do you want to see yourself down the line 5 years

1 Answer

How can u make 120 from five zeroes??

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