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Collections Agent II was asked...6 April 2016

Her response was this exactly: So you think that you can just come in here and work hard and then bam your just going to become management. What makes you think that the 3000 other employees that work here don't have the same goals and they have been here 4-5 years.

4 Answers

So I guess its safe to say it's unrealistic to promote in a year or two with this company. Unless you are as amazing as this supervisor who was able to come in as a sup. I would have laughed in her face that has to be the most unprofessional representation of this company. Less

Who wants to work for a company that laughs at you for wanting to be successful? Like building a career is a joke. Less

wow you should report here that is outrageous

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How much experience you have in collections.

2 Answers

I have a total experience of 7 years now I am working with home credit India finance pvt ltd from last 5 years Less

I said More than a year.


Tell us about a time you met or exceeded a goal?

2 Answers

At my last job I had to get information from the law office for delinquent property taxes on a property. The client was trying to close that account that day and I had to speak with a supervisor for the information and I got the information that was needed and they got to close the account. Less

I am currently in a process of immigration. Hold MBA degree with good exposure of call center. If you give me job offer I will come to you with in a year. Highly grateful if you can do this for me in this regards. I am also available for interview on Skype or call. Here is my number : +923132239229 Less

GC Services

Asked what I would do with angry client

2 Answers

Seek superviser,

Apologize first of all then hear their concerns then assure them you'll do everything possible to assist them show Empathy Less

Revenu Quebec

How you would deal with a difficult debtor?

1 Answers

Understand his frustration. Try to help in order to find a solution and avoid similar situations in the future. Less

Probe Group

What are your plans for the future?

1 Answers

hint: try to ensure the company feels they can rely on you for a year

Gatestone & Co.

How flexible are you? Have you worked at a call center before?

1 Answers

I'm willing to work any shift provided Yes i have worked at a call center before. Less

Gatestone & Co.

sell me a pen... why leave other company... any restrictions

1 Answers

I was told it is relay important to be enthusiastic

SWC Group

What are your weaknesses in a workplace?

1 Answers

Something that I need to work on is public speaking. I have improved in the past few months but I still get anxious when needing to present. I like to prepare ahead of time and do notecards that seems to help. Less

BMO Financial Group

how do you handle a difficult customer

1 Answers

by listening attentively and understanding the customer, explaining the policies and procedures then come to a mutually beneficial resolution Less

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