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Associate Commercial Banking was asked...23 March 2017

Should do you the deal? Why or why not?

4 Answers

how would we know. Is it the company's financials and from there you answer the questions? What is the format of the case study? Less

There will be a case with financials. Good understanding of ratios is critical. There will be qualitative questions about the case as well which you will not know how to fully answer. Be prepared to back up any claims you make. Less

whats the best way to prepare, what sort of ratios?

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Lloyds Banking Group

Putting the customer first is at the heart of what we do. How will you champion this in your role and ensure that others do the same?

3 Answers

Hi Peter, how did you find your Assessment Centre? I have one with Lloyds upcoming in the next few weeks and would greatly appreciate any insight/advice you would have in regards to the 1:1 interview and/or micro exercises/VR exercise? Thank you in advance for your time! Less

How long did it take you to hear back after the AC?

Hi my friends I hope I am not disturbing you! I apply for the Graduate Scheme and will have an AC with Lloyds in a week. I am quited confused with the 4 micro exercises and Virtual Reality exercise, could you please share me some experience in little more detail about these two parts? Thank you for your time! Less

Lloyds Banking Group

Name five key issues facing banking. Describe how these issues might be overcome or capitalised on.

2 Answers

Read the previously mentioned article

Loans , Fixed deposit , good Yearly turn over of bank , lockers


Tell me something about yourself that is not on your CV

2 Answers

I enjoy playing table tennis and going to gym to workout

I enjoy taking risk and also love to play soccer


Interview began with questions regarding my resume, so education and work experience. Then moved on to behavioural questions and had to provide specific examples of how I have reacted or would react in different scenarios or situations. Was asked the pretty typical questions like why do you want to work here, etc.

2 Answers

Hi, I am preparing for the interview. Would you be able to share about more what the case about and the type of questions asked? Less

Hi - thank you for sharing your experience. Would you mind specifying what time your interview was and when did HR reach out to you informing their decision? I also interviewed for the graduate CB program and have yet heard anything after. Thanks! Less

NatWest Group

Give a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer/client/coworker. How did you respond to this?

1 Answers

I worked at a GP surgery over summer, and had to gauge the gravity of a patient's problems over the phone before booking them an appointment. One patient was very reserved about disclosing any information over the phone, therefore I had to be sensitive to his situation and privacy whilst still gaining the necessary details in order to help him. I was able to deduce that it was safer to book him in for a urgent appointment than put him at potential risk. Less

Bank Leumi USA

Why the interest in Leumi Bank?

1 Answers

Do your HW.

M&T Bank

How do you work in a team atmosphere and name a time where you had an issue with a team member and how you came to a solution?

1 Answers

I gave positive feedback about how I contribute to a team and tried to illustrate leadership. For the second part of the question, I gave an example of a past experience. Less

Bank of Ann Arbor

How can you mold your experience for our benefit?

1 Answers

Lots of experience at a few various places. Great team player.


What skills can you bring to this job to do it efficiently?

1 Answers

Discussed my technical skills with microsoft office, SQL, and Oracle. Talked about my experience with financial statements and valuation methods. Elaborated with projects I worked on in the past that dealt with valuation of companies using ratios and analysis. Less

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