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Saudi Aramco
Field Compliance Coordinator II was asked...9 October 2013

Wanted to know about my industrial safety background.

3 Answers

Not a felon. That was the bad part, they would only say something on your background. Nothing specific, even when I tried to press them. My passport was already in Houston to have my work permit attached last time. Less

I hope you did not resign from your position & lost it.

Are you a felon? Why did they withdraw the offer?

First Niagara Bank

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

At First Niagara :)

Harbor Compliance

What is a characteristic you wish you did not have? This was a "different" question for me and weird. How do you prioritize your work? What type of work environment do you prefer? Basically a question about working in a fast-paced environment. Was there any question that we asked that you were not expecting?

1 Answers

Research, preparation and execution (like anything else).

Cross Country Education

The question that stood out the most was: "In the morning, do you leave your bed as is or do you make it?"

1 Answers

"I know for an admin position you are looking for me to be really organized at home as well as work, but I do not make my bed. I'm more of a realist, knowing I will get right back in it when I get home, and leave it as is. I do make my desk when I leave though." (You have to have a sense of humor in this industry, even for administrative roles) Less

AgentHR Recruiting Group

What does GFE stand for? What is RESPA? What does TIL mean?

1 Answers

The Good Faith Estimate, Truth in Lending, and RESPA I described the Act in detail. Less

KellyMitchell Group

The hiring Xcel manager had specific questions regarding Identity Access Management activities.

1 Answers

I went over what I did at my last job at IBM, performing Identity Access Management duties for many accounts. Less

Video Gaming Technologies

Know your SCRUM, Agile, ISTQB. Study hard on these and story points, backlogs. Know all the SCRUM players what they do and how. Know what is the difference PMP and SCRUM. Then the next day you will start with your QA testing question. TestTrack, Jira and Perforce programs.

1 Answers

Too many to tell. sorry

L.A. Care Health Plan

Extent of experience with delegated vendor audits/monitoring and oversight


Asked basic mortgage questions.


Basically my knowledge and experience with Project Management.

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