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Find an element from a rotated sorted array.

2 Answers

It's a variation of binary search

try to imagin the graph . . . .if the previous array was in increasing order then after rotation the two sub aarays will also be in increasing order except one sudden fall . . O(log n/2)

Design a sorting algo which can take any type of input.

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Questions related to Graph and DS

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Design a car parking space

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I'm not very good with puzzles. In the last round of the PI, that is the Director Round, the interviewer asked me a puzzle that I could not answer. It was like, you are given a chain of 7 rings. and you need to give one ring to a person daily. How'll you do it in minimum number of cuts.

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Explain about your project and role? Almost all the projects that you have mentioned in the resume, you will be asked to explain clearly. They expect you to be good at what you have done or what you have mentioned in the resume. Prepare thoroughly. How to check the expression is balanced or not? Implement stack and implement undo-redo feature using Stack? Java multithreading questions? Executors? Generics? Micro Services and some examples? Design patters? Factory Pattern, Abstract Factory Pattern, Builder Pattern, Visitor Pattern Where did you use in design patters your project and explain? Which is your innovating idea, any hackthon idea? Take one of your old projects and if you are asked to develop it now, how will you design and which technologies will you choose and why? (Interesting question) Spring boot? Design a state machine and explain its each phase? (1 hour question) It is kind of interactive problem solving round, you are allowed to ask any clarifications. Do you have any pattern? Do you publish any tech papers? Any blog? What is your contribution to stackover-flow?

Difference between TCP and UDP. Application based questions on these.

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