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How to handle clients, people etc

30 Answers

Gurgaon location

I am in the same situation...did you get your offer yet or is it still pending ?

No progress. more than 16 days. waiting for their reply

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were do u see urself after 5 years

21 Answers

IQ test was online where 50 questions need to be solved it in 12 Mins, where 20 min question should be correct.. Are your serious??? With more then 6 year of exp who invested time for IQ which is actually an apti test.. Guyz you are looking for tech not for IS entrance exam. if a guy has been short-listed by you that is based on his exp not on IQ.

14 Answers

Number Series : 1 6 12 13 19 _

4 Answers

Are you ready to come night shift

5 Answers

How do u handle an abusive client?

4 Answers

SAP latest technologies

1 Answer

HR will not call you back of your asking / expected salary will be higher than their bracket of roll wise. So, if your other rounds went good n willing to join negotiate salary accordingly.

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Why do u want to join our firm?

4 Answers

What are the steps in Consolidation of Financial Statements

4 Answers
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