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KWS Group
Contact Center Manager was asked...22 January 2019

About deep knowledge of IT systems

1 Answers

these skills were not indicated in the job description


Can you tell me a little about yourself?

1 Answers

The focus was on 2-3 specific accomplishments or experiences that I most wanted the interviewer to know about. Less

Detailed background; situations; personal

1 Answers

With specifics and detail.


It was a Zoom Meeting presentation tell me all about a sales job. ***Not what I applied for***

1 Answers

It was a broadcast not a Q&A


Name a time when you disagreed with what you had been asked to do, and how did you react?

1 Answers

Gave an example, and explained how I stated why I disagreed with my supervisor, and how I explained my point of view to my supervisor, but proceeded to go with the task anyway. Less

UA Brands

Very Easy question

1 Answers

All answered with examples


Describe a time you had to performance manage an employee

1 Answers

Described a situation with enough detail to convey management style


How much square ft of pizza is consumed in the US every year

1 Answers

This is meant to be a process question but I had refused to answer since the Director could not explain to me why was asking this question. Less


They asked me specific question about the call center software I have used in the past.

1 Answers

I explained in details all the software and processes that I have experience with . Less

UA Brands

Director told I m selected and need to meet the COO .

1 Answers

. Then next week suddenly they denied

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