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Q: How much did you earn in your first job? (which was 7 years ago) Q: How much did you earn in your 2nd, 3rd job? Q: Are you married? Where does your husband work? Can you tell me more about his work profile and other details?

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I found the experience quite ridiculous and unprofessional. It's alright to ask some questions about one's personal life but this was just like infringing on my personal space. Ms. Bihari asked just one or two questions about my work experience, skills and professional experience. By then, I had decided to just skip this company.

Hi All, The HR asks such questions to know how well the candidate if selected can gel int he team. it is also considered as a back ground check (very briefly). There are organisation which actually have complete background check to know family details as well. Still if one wants to come out of the question it can be said that one is not comfortable.

It was fun and great to be interviewed by the HR. The interview process was time taking but the questions asked were relevant.

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what do you expect to learn from facebook? (this was unexpected, not difficult)

5 Answers

Will you travel outside Maharahtra on assignments?

5 Answers

First round will be written test

4 Answers

Nothing out of the ordinary. Some simple questions on time management, but that is pretty much it

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Q1. Case study Q2. Social media posts. Q3. Quora answer/promotion of the company.

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Pen down on the topic, Kamal and Rajini entering politics will destroy Tamilnadu politics

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Mary had ____ bad dream.

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They asked to test and analyze over the given product and expected to get test case solution with proper results.

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Explain SUDOKU

3 Answers
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